10 Things You Should Do Before You Quit Being An Employee

10 Things You Should Do Before You Quit Being An Employee

Do you already have the idea of ​​becoming independent and becoming your own boss? Before putting aside your life as an employee, we recommend that you plan in detail how you will carry out your business project so that when you take the big leap, you are sure that you will be able to step on more or less firm ground.

Below we suggest you analyze these 10 points to know if you are ready to quit your current job and set out on the road to success:

 To carve the pencil

Depending on the business idea  you have or the project in which you want to invest, you must make calculations that allow you to know how much you need as an initial investment , in addition to considering the sufficient budget to be able to survive the first year, this will provide you with the ideal scenario for to be able to start with peace of mind.

Make a strategic plan

You should take the time to research everything about that project that you are passionate about , think about what solutions you are offering and look for the ways in which you can differentiate yourself from proposals that are similar in the market.

Loose lips sink ships

On many occasions when we have an idea or project we are so enthusiastic that we give up shouting it from the rooftops and telling everyone what we want to do; Although over-optimism is not bad, try to protect your idea before you start talking to your neighbor about what you plan to do.

What is yours by right, no one can take it away

You already have that idea, you know everything you can solve with it, your offer is unique, so it is the right time for you to register the name and what will be its distinctive symbol. Wait until you register the idea in the corresponding dependencies so you can be sure that your project is protected .

Get ready to start being your own boss

If in your case you are already fed up with your current job or you do not tolerate your boss, we recommend that you do not make a hasty decision, as they say “life takes many turns” and you do not know when you may need help, maintain a healthy relationship With the company where you work and going out the front door can bring you benefits in the future .

Join social networks

You already have your idea registered and it is important that you have your domain and registered trademark on the various social platforms that are on the internet, define the ones that best suit your market niche.

Get advice on legal and tax issues

The rules to go to the market are already imposed, it is important that you take into account everything you need to establish yourself, requirements and tax obligations  that you acquire at the time of starting.

He who seeks advice grows old

Approach people who have experience, ask for advice , do not miss the opportunity to train in various areas , try to absorb everything that can serve you and most importantly, see how you can apply it to improve day by day.

Seek support

There are various support options for companies and businesses , approach institutions or platforms to determine what kind of help you can get and in some way give more strength to your project.

Make an escape plan

It is important that you take into account that sometimes things do not go as expected, that is why you always have to have an alternative plan , with this you will have peace of mind of being able to throw yourself away with everything and be a successful entrepreneur.

After analyzing these aspects, organize yourself to achieve everything you need so that when you quit your current job, you have no worries other than being your own boss.